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On XataCoins.com  you will find over 400,000 coins, medals, banknotes, militaria and other collectibles.


The products that are offered by approximately 200 specialist dealers are updated hourly.
You can view and search through all items offered on the MA-Shops main page by using our search engine.

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All XataCoins.com dealers offer a warranty.

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On MA-Shops, all the items listed are usually available. Most shops are updated hourly, you can find new items here.
Once you have found an interesting item, click on the "add to cart" button.

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A box with some information about your shopping cart content is shown in the top right corner of a shop. Click on the "Go to shopping cart" to view the detailed shopping cart or to place an order. You can put several items of the same dealer into the cart to save shipping fees.

If you want to buy items from separate dealers, you have to place an order with each of them separately. Each dealer has his own shopping cart. The list of open shopping carts is shown on the top of each page.

Place an order
After clicking on "Go to shopping cart" or any of the carts in the  box,
you can place an order by filling in the order form. Specify your address, e-mail address and select a payment method. Confirm the order by clicking on "Preview order", and then "Submit order".

Security and privacy
MA-Shops doesn't pass on your personal data to third parties. The gathered information is used exclusively to process your orders.
To place a secure order, use the "SSL" link in one of the shops - preferably before adding any items to the shopping cart.

Products and dealers
The available items on MA-Shops are sold by a multitude of verified specialist dealers. Each dealer directly delivers the ordered goods to you. The dealers also have individual shipping fees. Some dealers offer free domestic shipping, some even free international shipping when a certain price order value is exceeded. 

Return policy
Please check the dealers terms of service and return policy before placing an order.
Orders that happen within the European Union, you have the right to return the items within one week after receiving the goods. For some countries like Germany, an even more extensive return policy is applicable (in favor of you, the client).

If you already have an MA-Shops account but forgot your password, go to the page "Forgot your password" and enter your e-mail address. We will resend your password.

About us


    35.00 лв
  • Netherlands 1 ECU - Birds of Prey
    7.50 лв
  • Netherlands Antilles 2 1/2 Cents 1959
    2.50 лв
  • Netherlands Antilles 2 1/2 Cents 1959
    2.50 лв
  • Netherlands Antilles 1 Cent 1965
    2.00 лв
  • Netherlands Antilles 1 Gulden silver coin 1952
    25.00 лв
  • Netherlands Antilles 1/10 Gulden silver coin 1962
    7.00 лв
  • Netherlands Antilles 1/4 Gulden silver coin 1965
    10.00 лв
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Bronze Medal
    55.00 лв
  •  Iceland - Silver proof - 1000 and 500 kronur
    120.00 лв
  •  JAN PIETERSZOON COEN 1587-1629 - Bronze Medal
    75.00 лв
  •  Saint POPE JOHN PAUL II Bronze Medal
    150.00 лв
  • 50 Gulden 1991 - Netherlands - Silver
    60.00 лв
  • 50 Gulden 1987 - Netherlands - Silver
    60.00 лв
  • 10 Gulden 1999 Silver - Netherlands - Millennium
    39.00 лв
  • 5 euro Belgium 1996  Albert II
    7.00 лв
  • Congo 5 Francs 1999 - Multicolor Queen Juliana
    35.00 лв
    36.00 лв
    36.00 лв
    30.00 лв